One of the core competencies of Green Earth is in the area of leveraging technology applications and tools to help organizations, groups, and individuals to enhance efficiencies and achieve sustainable growth. The use of technology application and tools has grown rapidly over the past decade. Yet for most organizations and individuals do not have the capability or the time to make the choices that are appropriate for their needs. This is where we can help. A brief description of some of our technology solutions is listed below:

Mobile Apps for Sports: Green Earth LLC developed several proprietary Mobile applications (Apps) for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms. We have a team of expert mobile app developers and designers and a wide network of technology partner firms with a track record of having developed several innovative apps for a wide range of activities such as Sports, Music, Retail, and Healthcare. These apps promote sustainability by enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, promoting recycling and reuse, and by green features such as car pooling and recycling. For more details about QuickTennis.Net please check out the section on Case Studies. Screen shots of the QuickTennis.Net app are show below:

Green Events Management Systems (GEMS): Our proprietary web-based event management application, which is currently in the design and development stage, is ideal for non-profit educational, social and cultural organizations and businesses of all sizes seeking a central online location for hosting, organizing and managing the communication for eco-friendly events. Events can be quickly organized and communicated to participants for a very low subscription based fee. The only criterion that we insist on for hosting an event on GEMS is that it meets at least one requirement for sustainability we have listed.

Digital Publishing Services: Thru our digital publishing services we leverage technology tools and the reach of the internet to help business and non profit organizations stand out from the crowd by getting out their message to the world with speed and accuracy; in the most cost effective and user friendly manner. While cost saving, speed and efficiency clearly are distinct advantages the real big incentive for organizations to consider electronic documents is to eliminate or reduce the use of traditional printed brochures – which are costly, time consuming, uses paper produced from trees, creates waste and pollutes the environment. Our professionals can help organizations of all types and sizes achieve their on-going need for information sharing and e-brochures by developing a clear understanding of their needs and objectives and addressing them in ways that are appropriate and relevant. Our expertise in electronic publishing is available for the following Website Design and Content Management, e-Catalogues, e-Newsletters, e-Magazines and e-Brochures. Advanced Features for Digital Publishing: We provide proprietary applications which help users create virtual magazines and brochures where pages can be flipped just like reading a live document. Our talented and experienced team of software designers and service professionals helps clients with the developing, creating, and implementing the most advanced, yet user-friendly digital publication. Our premium services include features such as page translation into different languages, statistical analysis and other advanced features. We provide our clients with products that reduce their costs while simultaneously expanding the reach and effectiveness of their marketing materials. In doing so, the readers of our digital editions enjoy a media-rich, visually stimulating experience that causes them to return to our publishers time and time again.