The following diagram illustrates the general business strategy of Green Earth LLC.

At its most basic form the Green Earth strategy can be expressed in the following equation :

Entrepreneurship (Technology + Sustainability) = Value Creation (for Clients and Communities)

How Do We Create Value?

At Green Earth, we specialize at identifying and exploiting opportunities at the intersection of the following modern social phenomena: Entrepreneurship; Technological Innovation; Sustainability; and Social Enterprise. Our mission is to help Clients and Communities represented by businesses, educational institutions, NGO’s and non-profit organizations, local government and government agencies, and individuals achieve their organizational goals by use of ways and means that are sustainable. The ways we achieve our mission include the following:

Providing strategy consulting services to entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, and government organizations on evaluation of opportunities, growth strategies, governance, and sustainability

Leveraging technological innovations, tools and applications and the reach of the internet, and social media tools to design and deploying an array of practical solutions that has the potential to alter the competitive landscape and promote sustainable growth

Advising local government, educational institutions and economic development organizations to foster the growth of vibrant entrepreneurial eco-systems; and

Promoting sustainability thru advocacy, information sharing, and by promoting social enterprise in local communities

At Green Earth we start by practicing what we preach. The company itself is an innovative experiment in creating a low footprint organization that goes above and beyond promoting responsible behavior and sustainable living through its various social initiatives. Unlike most traditional organizations, Green Earth has designed a unique organizational structure that is flat, flexible and highly networked. We do not have a rigid hierarchy with designations such as CEO or VP’s. A majority of our associates are highly successful professionals in fields such as entrepreneurship, research and academia, technology, strategy, government policy, and NGO’s. They are spread all over North America, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates. These professionals work on our assignment on an ‘as-needed’ basis by matching the project needs with skills and experience and are compensated on a success-fee based model.

Our low-footprint manpower and resource strategy helps keep our fixed costs and overheads very low. The resultant synergies, creativity, cost savings, and efficiencies are passed on to our clients and the community by way of the low cost services and various social initiatives we undertake. Every associate of Green Earth is selected by consensus and is invited to join us because they have demonstrated a passionate commitment to our mission and values. Together we thrive on findings now ways to advice, inform, educate, provide solutions, and improve efficiencies in ways that promote sustainability.