Why Entrepreneurship?

The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that less than 50 percent (42.6 percent) of small businesses survive more than four years after start-up. However, the U.S. Commerce Department reports that 87 percent of companies that receive formal support and coaching can survive this critical hurdle and continue to contribute to the economy. This stark difference in outcomes of new ventures is the primary reason why the founding team of Green Earth has made it a priority to help entrepreneurs thru strategic consulting services.

As an organization founded by successful serial entrepreneurs, we believe that widespread growth and development of entrepreneurship is central to the success of any community, state or nation. We believe that at it core entrepreneurship and sustainability goes hand in hand as entrepreneurs excel at maximizing the use of their limited resources. Therefore, helping entrepreneurs inherently promotes sustainability. We play the role of that of a catalyst, to inform, educate, and advise entrepreneurs, business executives, students, associations, NGO’s, educational groups, policy makers, government agencies, and foundations. Our goal is to light the spark of creativity in the entrepreneurial eco-system. We strive towards creating a flat playing field in opportunity can be recognized and exploited and in which business of all sizes can thrive.

Consulting Services :

With our network of experts in the art and science of entrepreneurship that includes successful serial entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, and policy makers, we are able to provide specialized research and consulting services to entrepreneurs, advocacy groups, educational organizations, government agencies, local government, foundations, and policy makers. The topics we have expertise in covers a wide range of topics including the following: the recognition, evaluation and selection of opportunity; testing and validating the opportunity; bootstrapping and funding strategies; designing/redesigning the organizational structure; board and governance issues; sustainability strategy; corporate social responsibility; role of entrepreneurial cognition, behavior, and culture; minority and immigrant entrepreneurship; building a high-quality team; the development and execution of strategy; developing trust as a critical competence, social media marketing strategies; valuation; and mergers and acquisition.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The Green Earth consulting services to businesses are focused on inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship based on new business models. In order to compete in the global economy, SMEs face an imperative to increase efficiency, accountability, and at the same time follow business and production practices that are sustainable, fair and ethical. However, many SMEs often lack the time, expertise and resources to evaluate their activities, to set targets and implement a sustainable strategy. This inhibits their ability to improve their products and services continuously from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Our consulting services for entrepreneurs offers practical strategies and technology tools on how SMEs can take meaningful action to reduce costs, increase productivity and satisfy clients while at the same time reducing business risks and protecting the environment.

Stakeholder Engagement :

The strategies we use include exploring new approaches in stakeholder engagement; examining and promoting sustainability management and supply chain management; developing the capabilities and capacities of managers and employees; and improving understanding of key corporate responsibility issues on the sustainable development agenda. Our activities in this field include stakeholder dialogue, sharing emerging best practices, developing and promoting materials to build the capacities of managers and employees, inspiring partnership innovation. In our work in the area of corporate environmental and social responsibility (CESR), we underline the environmental pillar in the triple bottom line approach. We view CESR as a values-based way of conducting business in a manner that advances sustainable development.

Local Government and Communities :

Green Earth is currently working on projects that will extend our expertise to the area of entrepreneurship and sustainability strategy to the local governments and community groups in the Unites States and India (refer to Case Studies). We work with the student teams, local schools, Mayors and other local government administrator help to design and deploy ‘GREEN BUSINESS MODEL and SUSTAINABILITY COMPETITIONS. We conduct workshops for local government officials, teachers, students and business leaders to enhance the quality of life in local communities. Our approach reinforces the positive impact between business operations, local government and society, and creates an awareness of their close interrelationship. We believe that just like citizens, government agencies and businesses have basic rights and responsibilities to the communities they operate in which has to be transparent and open to new and innovative approaches.