Mission & History :

Green Earth LLC is an entrepreneurial venture with a mission of leveraging expertise in strategy and technology to promote sustainable practices among organizations, communities, and individuals. Founded by Dr. Suresh Kumar, a serial entrepreneur and scholar on developing high-growth ventures and entrepreneurial eco-systems, the company is an innovative experiment in growing ultra low-footprint organizations. The central mission of the company is to influence the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals by offering practical, cost-effective, and sustainable choices in a variety of products and services. Using an organic, highly flexible, and non-hierarchical matrix organizational structure that can operate with very low overheads, Green Earth has demonstrated that growth can be propelled with passion and ideas and need not be tied in with the resources used or capital invested. The company is a NMSDC certified Minority Owned Small Business Enterprise.

Green Earth LLC has strategic tie-ups with a wide network of experts in the fields of Entrepreneurship Development, Business Strategy, Education, Technology, and Sustainability. The company’s core competency is in the following areas: (a) Alignment of entrepreneurs values and passion with organizational objectives; (b) Assessment and selection of the most suitable and viable business model; (c) Strategy development; (d) Organizational design, (e) Technology assessment and audits; (f) Deploying sustainable practices; and (g) Performance improvement. We leverage the state of the art technology tools and applications such as cloud computing, mobile apps, and social media to help our clients in all the area listed above.

Awards and Recognition

Green Earth LLC has received several high profile industry recognitions including the Deloitte Fast 500 Technology Company; the INC 500 Award, and the United States Chamber Blue Ribbon Award for innovation, growth and entrepreneurial excellence.

In October 2011, Green Earth was ranked # 20 on Deloitte’s 2011 Technology Fast 500 ranking of the fastest growing firms in North America. Eric Openshaw, vice chairman and U.S. technology, media and telecommunications leader, Deloitte LLP in a statement said that Deloitte recognizes Green Earth LLC for its spectacular growth- against the backdrop of one of the most a challenging economies in history. "We are pleased to honor Green Earth LLC as a 2011 Technology Fast 500 company," said Mark Jensen, managing partner, technology and venture capital services, Deloitte & Touche LLP. “As one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America, Green Earth has demonstrated excellence in technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth."

In August 2011, Inc. magazine ranked Green Earth LLC, as NO. 145 on its 30th annual Inc. 500 list, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The Inc 500 list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs. Companies such as Microsoft, Zappos, Intuit, Jamba Juice, Zipcar, Clif Bar, Vizio, Oracle, and many other well-known names gained early exposure as members of the Inc. 500.

In May 2011, Green Earth, LLC was chosen as one among the 75 firms selected by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award winner. The award which was handed over on May 24 2011 by Thomas Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber to Dr. Suresh Kumar, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Green Earth at the Americas Small Business Summit at DC. Mr. Donohue said that “The Blue Ribbon award is in recognition for the critical role played by Green Earth LLC in job creation and economic growth and this award honors their strong commitment to their employees, customers, and community.”

Green Earth’s Founder and Chief Strategist, Dr. Suresh Kumar credits the success of the firm it the ability of its team to identify and exploit unique opportunities and the work ethic of the team with the company’s impressive revenue growth. He said, "We have identified small but unique ways to leverage technology to enhance sustainability in businesses as well as among individuals.

Our Value Drivers

A core value on which Green Earth LLC was founded is that each individual can make a difference is he/she cared enough and did something about it. The scope and scale of recent global calamities, both environmental and man-made such as: floods, drought, earthquakes, climate change, pollution, famine, food shortages, terrorism, war and economic collapse; to name a few, indicate that all things are connected. What happens in one corner of the Earth has a deep and lasting impact on living organisms that co-inhabit this planet: humans, animals, plants, birds, insects, marine life among others. We believe that the message is loud and clear: we just cannot afford to wait for 'others', be it national, state or local governments or large businesses, or international organizations such as the United Nations, etc, to do 'Big' things to save the planet. We believe that to create critical impact, each and every individual, each household, each small community group and organization can and have to get directly involved, by doing the small things- we call these Little Green Acts - that are low cost, simple, practical, repeatable, and also enjoyable and has high impact.

We believe in offering products and technology solutions that meet the following criteria: Easy to understand and use (practical use of technology); Earth-friendly (promotes sustainability); Economical (low cost); and Ethical (bring fair to all parties involved).

We believe that the desire to follow sustainable living practices is universal and not just limited to the Western world. Our research across several continents indicates that several Eastern cultures live and practice a low resource utilization lifestyle that is simple, sustainable and economical. One of our goals is to leverage technology and social media networks to enable the sharing of wisdom and best practices among a large number of individuals and organizations all over the world.

Thru our products, consulting services, and technology solutions, we are committed to keep social responsibility first place in our organization as well as help our clients do so in theirs. At Green Earth we do our part to make the world a better place by offering expertise, information, knowledge, and choices that follow high standards of sustainable practices. While we are aware that winning the sustainability battle is not an easy task, we do believe that if enough of us – individuals and organizations- join to put our shoulders to the wheel, we can give Earth a real chance.